[Special feature] Introducing the red-light district within an hour by train from Nagoya!

This article introduces red-light districts that are close to Nagoya and can be reached within 60 minutes. The places we are introducing this time are Gifu Prefecture and Mie Prefecture. We introduce the atmosphere, history, and characteristics of each red-light district, the characteristics of the brothels, and how to access them, so please use this as a reference.

After enjoying Nagoya, the birthplace of health, would you like to experience the hospitality and atmosphere of a Japanese brothel?
The red-light districts close to Nagoya are Kanazuen in Gifu Prefecture and Yokkaichi in Mie Prefecture.

In this article, we will introduce the characteristics, charm, and access to the red-light district located within an hour from Nagoya.
If you want to enjoy the red-light district close to Nagoya, please check it out.

Characteristics and sightseeing spots of Nagoya

Nagoya is located in the western part of Aichi Prefecture and is one of Japan’s three largest cities.
Nagoya Airport (Komaki Airport) is operated by the prefecture, and it is a tourist destination with good access not only from within Japan but also from overseas.

There is also an original local dish called “Nagoya Meshi”.
Nagoya Meshi is characterized by incorporating food cultures from both the Kansai and Kanto regions.
Typical ones include “Miso Katsu”, “Uiro”, and “Tenmusu”.

Popular sightseeing spots both domestically and internationally include Nagoya Castle, famous for its golden killer whale, and Arako Kannon, an important cultural property.

Nagoya is also home to the Nagoya Dome, which is a popular venue for baseball games and live performances by artists.

Red-light district 1 near Nagoya: Gifu Prefecture “Kanezuen”

From here, we will introduce red-light districts that can be reached within 60 minutes from Nagoya.

The first place we will introduce is “Kanazuen” in Gifu Prefecture.
We will introduce the characteristics and atmosphere of Kanazuen town, access to Kanazuen from Nagoya, and its characteristics as an entertainment district.

Kanazuen is one of the three major soap towns in Japan.

Kanazuen is an entertainment district located in Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture, and is one of Japan’s three major soap districts.
Gifu City is the prefectural capital and a satellite city of Nagoya City, making it the commercial and economic center of the prefecture.
It is said to be an “auspicious city” because it is the place where Oda Nobunaga, a famous historical figure, started unifying the country, and because there are many place names with the word “kin” in them.

Its predecessor was the Kanazu Red Light District, which opened in 1888 in Kanazu, Kamikano Village, Atsumi District, and when it moved to its current location in 1950, it became Soap Street, and the current Kanazuen.
Due to its proximity to the station, it is an entertainment district frequented by many men on their way home from work or leisure.

Access [about 20 minutes from Nagoya]

The nearest station to Kanazuen is JR Gifu Station.
From Nagoya to Gifu Station, it takes about 20 minutes on the JR Tokaido Main Line.

[Access to Kanazuen from JR Gifu Station]
1. When you arrive at JR Gifu Station, head to the south exit
2. Go out from the south exit, go straight, and cross to the right at the crosswalk at the intersection south of Gifu Station.
3. If you follow the road for a while, you will come to the Kano Mizunocho 1 intersection, and Kanazu-en is on the left.

Kanazu-en is easily accessible, about a 3-minute walk from Gifu Station.

[Characteristics of Kanazuen 1] Red-light district recommended for those who want relaxation

A major feature of Kanazuen is that it “employs soap ladies who can heal you.”

It is common to hire a woman with good looks.

However, since Kanazuen is a red-light district that has been crowded with working male customers from ancient times to the present, we choose girls with an emphasis on healing and giving men peace of mind.

● People who are exhausted from work.
● People who are tired from interpersonal relationships.
●Those who want to heal their emotional wounds after breaking up with their girlfriend or partner

If you are like this, please visit Kanazuen.

[Characteristics of Kanazuen 2] Store characteristics and wide range of price ranges

Kanazuen is a competitive area for adult entertainment establishments, so you can enjoy a wide variety of content.
Another feature is that there is a wide range of price ranges.

There are shops with a concept of casual enjoyment to high-end shops with a luxurious atmosphere.
Due to the number of stores and the wide range of concepts, you will never get bored no matter how many times you visit.
It is a popular red-light district, where even those with particular tastes can easily find a restaurant that matches their tastes.

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Red-light district 2 near Nagoya: Mie Prefecture “Yokkaichi”

The second red-light district we will introduce is Yokkaichi, located in Mie Prefecture.
Yokkaichi is a large red-light district similar to Kanazuen, but you can enjoy a different atmosphere and entertainment.

Yokkaichi is the prefecture’s most prosperous red-light district

The area around Kintetsu Yokkaichi Station is a red-light district that boasts the largest number of stores in the prefecture, including health stores.
There are originally many delivery health shops in Mie Prefecture, but they are concentrated in Yokkaichi.
The number is said to be over 100.

Yokkaichi is an entertainment district that descended from the red light district, where there were red light districts where prostitutes served meals and served at night.
Yokkaichi is famous as an industrial area, but it has a history of flourishing as a minato town and a town on the Tokaido road.
During the Edo period, inns were equipped with prostitutes, and in the Meiji period, the area developed into a red-light district by catering to the needs of sailors and railway passengers visiting the port.

Yokkaichi’s entertainment district is broadly divided into the 2nd Avenue area, Nishishinchi area, and Suwa Sakaemachi area, with a concentration of adult entertainment shops around Suwa Park in the Suwa Sakaemachi area.

Access [About 27 minutes from Nagoya at the shortest]

If you are going to Yokkaichi from Nagoya, it is convenient to take the JR rapid train or the Kintetsu train.
For rapid and limited express trains, take the Rapid Mie, JR Kansai Main Line Rapid, and Limited Express Nanki.
Kintetsu trains are either the Kintetsu Nagoya Line or the Kintetsu Nagoya Line Express.

● Rapid Mie: Approximately 35 minutes
● JR Kansai Main Line Rapid: 35-60 minutes

[Limited express]
● Limited Express Nanki: 35-40 minutes

● Kintetsu Nagoya Line: Approximately 60 minutes
● Kintetsu Nagoya Line Express: Approximately 35 minutes
● Kintetsu Meihan Limited Express (Urban Liner): Approximately 30 minutes

[Access to the Suwa Park area from JR Yokkaichi Station]
1. Exit JR Yokkaichi Station and cross to the right at the crosswalk at the intersection.
2. After going straight for a while, you will see an intersection with a traffic light, so turn left there.
3. Go straight until the intersection with the second traffic light
4. Go straight ahead at the intersection with the second traffic light (in front of Suwa Shrine) and go through the arcade of the shopping street on your left.
5. After passing through the arcade, you will arrive at the area around Suwa Park.

[Access to the Suwa Park area from Kintetsu Yokkaichi Station]
1. From Kintetsu Yokkaichi Station, head towards the exit in the direction of Kintetsu Department Store.
2. Turn left at the traffic light in front of you, then turn right at the T-junction.
3. Walk straight ahead for a while and you will arrive at the red light district.

Since the area around Kintetsu/JR Yokkaichi Station is a big city, there are many restaurants, so you won’t have trouble finding a place to rest or eat.

[Characteristic of Yokkaichi 1] Adult entertainment shops of a wide range of categories are gathered together

The adult entertainment shops in Yokkaichi have a wide variety of services, including soaps, delivery health services, beauty salons, and massage services.
Recommended for those who want to enjoy and experience various genres.

Delivery health services are especially common, so it can be said that this is a must-visit red-light district for foreign travelers to Japan who want to experience Japanese delivery health services.

[Characteristic of Yokkaichi 2] There is a store only for attractive mature women

There are sex shops in Yokkaichi that are staffed not only by young girls, but also by mature women.

One way to enjoy Yokkaichi’s red-light district is to enjoy playing with young girls and then enjoying the difference in playing with adult women.

Even if you think “playing with young girls is the best!”, you may be fascinated by the techniques unique to mature women.

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Red-light districts close to Nagoya include Kanazuen in Gifu Prefecture and Yokkaichi in Mie Prefecture.
Kanazuen is one of the three major soap districts in Japan, and Yokkaichi is one of the largest red-light districts in Mie Prefecture.
Each has its own merits, so be sure to visit them and experience the play and atmosphere.

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[Close from Nagoya! Red-light district that can be reached within 60 minutes]
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Q: Where is the red-light district near Nagoya?
A: They are located in Gifu and Mie prefectures. Kanazuen in Gifu Prefecture can be reached in about 20 minutes from Nagoya, and Yokkaichi in Mie Prefecture can be reached in as little as 27 minutes from Nagoya.

Q: What are the good things about the red-light districts in Kanazuen and Yokkaichi?
A: Kanazuen has a retro and traditional Japanese atmosphere, as new construction and renovations are prohibited by ordinance. The red-light district in Yokkaichi has a retro feel, but there is also a park nearby, so it feels peaceful.

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