In order to ensure the safety of players, the following behaviors are forbidden.

■ Forbidden issues

  • The people under 18 years are not allowed to attend.
  • It is forbidden(by the law) to require or force the girls to act in real performance.
  • It is not allowed to hurt females with molest language and behavior.
  • No refuse for shower and gargle.
  • It is not allowed to use the play tools by the players.
  • It is not allowed to take photos and hear without permission.
  • It is not allowed to suggest a date in the shop and to exchange personal information regarding mobile phone number, mail address etc.
  • It is not allowed to use illegal drug and medicine.
  • The people with venereal disease or suspicious disease is not allowed to attend.
  • The girl must not be denied to leave after the service time is over.

■ Disclaimers

We do not guarantee the appropriateness and accuracy of the posted information, and thus shall assume no responsibility.

Our site shall assume no responsibility for any direct or indirect injury or troubles incurred upon application of the posted information by the players.

Types of Japanese sex establishments

■Outcall escort service
About 50% of Fuzoku are outcall escort services. There is kissing and services using hands and mouth. A girl will be sent to your house or hotel‥MORE
■Hotel escort service
Customers shall choose a girl from photographs at the shop's reception. They then move to the designated hotel and receive kissing and hand services from the lady of their choice‥MORE
■Sexual masseuse service
The shop consists of reception and private rooms with bed, shower, and other erotic play options. It is sometimes called 'Service in a box'(Hako health)‥MORE
■Adult entertainment esthetic
Relaxation by full-scale massage, erogenous massage that stimulates the erogenous zone to increase sensitivity, and the last is a hand service‥MORE
■"Soap Land"(Massage Parlor)
They are of a store type where customers go directly and receive services. These offer the richest services among other Fuzoku, including services using the bath tub‥MORE
Having unsimulated sex at 'Fuzoku' shops is illegal in Japan.
Customers who violate the rules may be liable to pay heavy fines, so please follow the rules at all times.

General Procedures for Using Our Services


YOASOBI Heaven is an adult entertainment information website for foreign visitors in Japan administered by CITY HEAVEN NET, Japan's largest FUZOKU (adult entertainment) information website supported by more than 4.5 million members and 1,900 million monthly promotional videos.

We offer information on adult entertainment shops such as sexual massage bath parlors, outcall escort service shops and 'fashion health' massage shops all over Japan for foreign visitors to enjoy themselves safely.
All Fuzoku shops on YOASOBI Heaven accept foreigners. You can make sure by directly contacting the shop. Foreigners who cannot speak Japanese may use WeChat to get smooth, hospitable support.
We understand your worries about using a sexual service for the first time in Japan.
We only introduce shops which are safe to enjoy.
Please be sure to check the shop's system thoroughly before using the service.
It is illegal in Japan.
Most of them are Japanese. You may inquire the Fuzoku shop if you are concerned.
We strictly forbid those under age 18 (including high school students) from using our site.
There are two main ways to make a reservation at most shops: by e-mail and by telephone.
We recommend using the various social media available for each shop (LINE, WeChat, etc.).
This varies depending on the shop, but most shops allow reservations two days in advance, a day before, or on the day.
Please be sure to confirm your travel schedule before contacting the shop to confirm the date of reservation.
You can check on YOASOBI Heaven. If there is credit card icon, you can use credit card. But some foreign credit cards cannot be used. You may directly contact the Fuzoku shop for confirmation.
Depending on the business, shop and service available,
you might be charged additionally for nomination fees, transportation fees and hotel fees. Please be sure to thoroughly check the fee system on the shop's website, and also remember to check the total charges when making your reservation.
This is a fee charged when you select the woman's photo and nominate that woman.
There won't be any nomination fee charged if you don't nominate someone and just leave it to the shop's discretion.
Please be sure to thoroughly check the fee system on the shop's website, and also remember to check the total charges when making your reservation.
In the cases of soaplands and hotel healths
This is the system:
1) Search for your girl and shop location on the website. *Make inquiries and reservations with social media
2) Check in at the shop on the day of reservation.
3) Go to the room or to a nearby hotel.
4) Your girl comes to the room or hotel.

On the other hand, there is no need to go to the shop in the case of delivery health (outcall escort) services.
You can have a girl visit you wherever convenient for you and enjoy yourself without having to face the shop staff.